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Ancient Rock Crystal Necklace with Lapis Lazuli Beads


Swat Valley


Rock Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Silver


The necklace is 26 1/8 inches (66.6 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 95 gm.







A necklace of twenty-nine rock crystal beads and thirty lapis lazuli beads. The crystal beads are of various shapes, roughly faceted barrel shapes, bi cone and round, as well as longer shapes with a flat back side and faceted front. The beads graduate in size from the front to the back of the necklace. The center bead is 1.89 cm in length and 1.15 cm in width. It is 1 cm in thickness and has a drill hole diameter of 2 mm. The lapis lazuli beads are all corner-less cube beads The one to the right of the center crystal bead is 1.5 cm in length. And 1.05 cm in width and thickness. Most of them are more or less cubical in shape and about 8 mm in width reducing in width to 6 mm 7 mm towards the back. The diameters of the drill holes are 2 mm 3 mm. The strict alteration of blue and white and the repeated form of the corner-less cube lapis beads along with the slightly graduating sizes of the beads from front to back unify the somewhat more disparate shapes of the crystal beads into a very harmonious and pleasing arrangement. The beads are from the Swat Valley in northern Pakistan from the time when this area was part of the larger trans Himalayan Buddhist culture of north India, Kashmir, Ladahk, and Tibet. The clasp and beading tips are fine (999) silver.