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Ancient Lapis Lazuli Beads with Granulated Silver Beads and Spear Pendant


Swat Valley


Lapis Lazuli, Silver


The necklace is 21 3/8 inches (54.4 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 20.5 gm.







A necklace of sixty-seven lapis lazuli beads and sixty-six granulated silver beads alternating. The center pendant bead is similar to the form of an animal tooth, bulging slightly in the center and tapering to a long point. The lapis beads alternate: seventeen round beads alternate with sixteen long beads. The long beads are rectangular solids. Ten of the larger ones are corner-less cube forms with four extra facets on each end at the corners resulting in the four major faces being diamond shaped. The center pendant is 1.6 cm in length, 4.5mm in thickness and in width with a drill hole of 2mm. The round beads on either side are 4.5mm in diameter and 4mm in length. The drill hole is 1.9mm in diameter. The long corner-less cube bead is 1.2cm in length, 4.5mm in width and thickness and the drill hole diameter is 2mm. The beads graduate in size towards the back of the necklace. The small round beads at the back are 3mm in diameter. The long beads are 7mm in length and 4mm in width and thickness. The hole diameters are 1.5mm. Animal teeth are among the first ornaments used by paleolithic man, along with shells which can be found on the beach with holes already in them. These lapis beads come from the Swat Valley in northern Pakistan. They were made about two thousand years ago.