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Ancient Faceted Lapis Barrel Beads with Round Carnelians and Granulated Silver Spacer Beads


Swat Valley


Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Silver


The necklace is 22 inches (56.7cm) in length. The necklace weighs 32.5 gm.







A necklace of thirty lapis lazuli beads, thirty carnelian beads and sixty silver granulated ring beads. Fifteen of the lapis lazuli beads are bi-cones and fourteen of them are round. There is a pair of small lapis barrel shaped beads at the back of the necklace. The carnelian beads are round and alternate with the lapis beads. The lapis beads alternate in shapes- round and bi-cone- and there is a granulated silver ring bead between each of the stone beads. The larger lapis bi-cone beads are faceted. Eight of these are six sided. One of these has four sides and an additional four smaller sides resulting from an off set tapering of the ends. This bead is 2.06 cm in length, 7mm in width at the center, and 4.5mm in width at the ends. The drill hole diameter is 2.5mm. The center bead is 1.6cm in length, 8.4mm in width at the center and 4.5mm in width at the ends. The drill hole diameter is 2mm. The remaining faceted beads are 1.7mm-1.8mm in length, with the smallest being 1.4mm in length. The six smaller bi-cone beads are not faceted; they are 1 cm in length ( one is 1.18cm) and 6mm in width at the center and 4mm at the ends. The drill hole diameters are 2.8mm. The round beads are 5.5mm- 6mm in diameter and have drill holes of 1.6mm. The two small barrel beads are 5.5mm in length and 4mm in width. The holes are 2mm in diameter. The carnelian beads are mostly round (three are slightly oval) with diameters of 6.5mm and graduating in size towards the back to a diameter of 5mm. The drill hole diameters are 2mm. Seven of the longer lapis bi-cone beads have extensive end wear; the ends are angled to almost forty-five degrees. This is evidence that the beads have had a long history of use. The granulated silver beads and beading tips and hook and eye clasp are all Fine silver (999).