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Ancient Quartz Crystal Necklace with Pendant


Swat Valley


Rock Crystal, Silver


The necklace is 19 inches (49.5 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 46.5 gm.







A necklace of sixty-five rock crystal beads. The beads are round and graduate in size from the center of the necklace to the back with a center pendant bead with peg like shape that tapers slightly towards the top. The pendant is 1.85 cm in height and is 1 cm in diameter at the bottom and 7 mm at the top. The drill hole diameter is 1.5 mm. The largest round bead next to the pendant is 8.3 mm in length and 1 cm in width. The drill hole diameter is 1.8 mm. The smallest spherical bead at the back of the strand is 4 mm in length and 5.5 mm in width with a drill hole diameter of 1.1 mm. These beads come from the Swat Valley in what is now northern Pakistan, between the Indus River and the Karakoram Mountain range to the north.