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Ancient Rock Crystal Necklace with Beads of Various Shapes


Swat Valley


Rock Crystal, Silver


The necklace is 24 1/8 inches (61.3 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 122 gm.







A necklace of thirty-nine rock crystal beads, with longer tapered bi-conical and cylindrical shapes alternating with round beads. The center bead is a rounded off diamond shape 2.65 cm in length, 2.28 cm in width at the center and 8 mm in width at the ends, with a thickness of 1.28 cm at the center and 6 mm at the ends. The hole diameter is 2.8 mm. Facing this bead is a round bead of 1.35 cm in diameter and a drill hole diameter of 3 mm. It's opposite is a flattened sphere 1.q15 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width. The drill hole diameter is 2.4 mm. Behind each of these are six sided cylinder beads 2.14 cm in length, 1.1 cm in width, and with drill hole diameters of 2mm. The beads graduate in size towards the back of the necklace. The last round bead is 1 cm in diameter. These beads remind us of Kushan era beads circa 500 B.C. 500 A.D. from India and what is now Pakistan. These beads come from the Swat Valley in what is now northern Pakistan, between the Indus River and the Karakoram Mountain range to the north. Perhaps these are inspired by the smaller and more precisely cut Kushan beads and are a local variant on the Kushan style beads, but bigger and more flashy for a less sophisticated clientele, on the outskirts of the culture. This may be a reflection of what was preferred in the mountain villages rather than in the cities in the plains. The beading tips and clasp are fine silver.