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Ancient Faceted Crystal Beads with Lapis Lazuli


Swat Valley


Rock Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Silver


The necklace is 20 inches (51 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 76.2 gm.







A necklace of twenty-one rock crystal beads alternating with twenty two lapis lazuli beads. The rock crystal beads are predominately barrel shapes that have been faceted with six sides. A few are simply flat rectangular solids with four sides. The faces are somewhat rounded and the edges are not sharp. Most of the drill holes are straight through from one side; three have holes that meet from each side in the middle. The center bead is a six sided bi-cone 1.79 cm in length, 1.5 cm wide at the center and 1.84 cm wide at the ends. The drill hole diameter is 3.2 mm. The next bead back is also six sided but with two larger opposite sides. The length is 1.63 cm, 1.35 cm in width and 8.9 mm in thickness. The drill hole diameter is 2 mm. The lapis beads are irregular short barrel shapes that graduate in size toward the back of the necklace. The largest is 8.5 mm in length and 8.8 mm in width and is a very worn cornerless cube shape. The drill hole diameter is 2 mm. The smallest is 4 mm in length and 6 mm in width at the back of the strand. The beads are from the Swat Valley in Baltistan, now northern Pakistan. They are about two thousand years in age. The beading tips and hook and eye clasp are fine silver.