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Antique Peruvian Amethyst Necklace with Crystal Pendant




Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Silver


The necklace is 25 inches (64.8 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 189 gm.







A massive necklace of barrel-shaped rock crystal and amethyst beads with a rock crystal pendant. The pendant is 4.85 cm in height, 2.8cm in width at the widest point, and 1.45cm in thickness. The pendant is flat on the back side and domed on the front side. The amethyst short barrel to the side of the pendant is 9mm in length, 3mm in width. The diameter of the drill hole at the surface is 5mm; it tapers in a cone shape and meets a cone shaped hole drilled from the opposite side. The rock crystal bead to the left is 1.32cm in length, 1.3cm in width and the drill hole diameter at the surface is 5mm. The smallest amethyst barrel-shaped bead at the back of the necklace is 1.25cm in length, 8mm in width and it has a drill hole diameter at the surface of 4mm. The beads are said to be from Peru, but it is not known what Andean culture produced these beads. The pendant has a partial crack that extends partway into the pendant and produces a rainbow effect because of the diffraction of light through the very thin crack which functions as a diffraction grating in the dispersion of light.