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Ancient Double Stranded Collar of Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian Beads


Swat Valley


Lapis Lazuli, 20k gold


The necklace is 16 inches (40.06 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 20 gm.







A necklace of thirty-three diamond shaped double-drilled lapis lazuli beads each of which is separated by two groups of four small carnelian beads with a lapis lazuli bead in the center. The diamond shaped lapis beads graduate slightly in size towards the back of the necklace. The middle bead is also notched at the center. It is 1.35 cm in height, 7 mm wide and 3.5 mm in thickness. The drill hole diameter is 1.5 mm. The diamond shaped bead to the right is 1.5 cm in height, 8 mm in width, and 3.4 mm in thickness. The smallest is 7 mm in height, 5 mm in width, and 3 mm in thickness. The disc beads are 3 mm in height and 2 mm in length. The round lapis beads used in the bottom row are 3.4 mm 3.0 mm in diameter. The use of slightly larger lapis lazuli beads in the center of the five bead groups in the bottom row causes the necklace to curve allowing the necklace to function as a curved strap. We have utilized this to make a choker length necklace. Although the diamond shaped double drilled beads could be strung in any number of ways in designing a necklace, it is very tempting to think that this is the intended use for this type of bead. The success of a design such as this depends very much on precise spacing of the elements. Slight irregularities in the sizes of the diamond shaped beads complicate the problem as does lack of uniformity in the spacing between the two holes. These challenges can only be overcome by trial and error. There are 272 small carnelian disc beads, 70 small lapis lazuli beads and 33 diamond shaped lapis lazuli double drilled beads. The beading tips and hook and eye clasp are 20k gold.