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Ancient Carnelian, Lapis, and Turquoise with Gold Banded Center Bead




Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, 20k gold


The necklace is 18 inches (47.6 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 27.4 gm.







A necklace of fourteen gold flared tube beads with a central rib, alternating with barrel beads of lapis lazuli and carnelian with a central large carnelian bicone bead capped with gold ends and banded around the center at its widest point. Each of the gold tubes are faced with a turquoise disc bead and each of the lapis and carnelian barrel beads are faced with a granulated gold ring bead (sixty-eight in all). A set of beading tips and a hook and eye clasp complete the necklace. The gold is 20k. The gold decorating the center bead has been patinated. The over all length of the bead and caps is 4.1 cm. The diameter of the bead and the gold band at the center is 8.8 mm. The diameter at the end of the caps is 4.5 mm. The diameter of the drill hole is 2.5 mm. The dimensions of the carnelian barrel beads are as follows (clockwise from top right): (1.) Length 1 cm, width at center 4.2 mm, width at ends 3.1 mm, drill hole diameter 1.5mm. There has been some regrinding to redress chipping. (2.) Length 9.8 mm, width at center 3.9 mm, width at ends 3.5 mm, hole diameter 1.6 mm. (3.) Length 9.1 mm, width at center 4.5 mm, width at ends 4 mm, hole diameter 2.0 mm.(4.) Length 1.3 cm, width at center 5 mm, width at ends 4.9 mm, hole diameter 1.8 mm. (5.) Length 3.5 cm, width at center 8 mm, width at ends 5 mm, hole diameter 2.5 mm. (6.) Length 1 cm, width at center 5.5 mm, width at ends 5 mm, diameter of hole 1 mm. (7.) Length 9.2 mm, width at center 4.9 mm, width at ends 4.8 mm, hole diameter 1 mm. (8.) Length 8 mm, width at center 4 mm, width at ends 3 mm, hole diameter 1 mm. (9.)Length 9 mm, width at center 3.5 mm, width at ends 3 mm, hole diameter 1 mm. The bicone barrel beads of lapis lazuli are 9.5 mm to 10.5 mm in length. The width at the center is 5mm 6mm. The end widths are 3.2 mm- 3.5 mm and the drill hole diameters are 2 mm. The turquoise disc beads are 2.0 mm-2.5 mm in length and 3.5 mm in diameter with drill holes of 1 mm. The gold tube beads are 9 mm in length and the end diameters are 3.5 mm. The central rib is 4.4 mm in diameter. The granulated ring beads are 3.8 mm in diameter. The center bead is a Bronze Age bead from the Indus Valley civilization of present day north India and Pakistan and is four thousand years old. The remaining stone beads are two thousand years old and from the same general area. The use of the four colors, red-orange carnelian, deep blue lapis lazuli, blue green turquoise and high carat gold, and the alternating bands of color give this necklace a very Egyptian feeling. The beads are contemporaneous with the New Kingdom, and beads very similar to these were used in Egypt at that time. All the lapis lazuli used in ancient Egypt was imported from present day Afghanistan. Carnelian beads made by the Sumerians have also been found in ancient Egyptian burials, confirming that trade in these materials was carried on in ancient times. Egypt was especially well known for its gold and its magic. The influence of contact and trade with Asia in the jewelry of the New Kingdom is notable.