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Ancient Egyptian Amethyst and Garnet Beads with Gold and Mounted Scarab




Amethyst, Garnet, 20k gold


The necklace is 18 inches (45.7 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 29gm.







A necklace of ancient Egyptian amethyst and garnet beads with an amethyst scarab pendant in a gold mount. There are twenty-seven round amethyst beads and twenty-two round garnet beads which graduate in size from the front to the back of the necklace. The amethyst beads are all to the front of the necklace with the garnet beads being in the back third of the strand. Each of the stone beads alternate with gold beads: The amethyst beads are separated by round gold beads that are slightly smaller than the amethyst beads to either side. The garnet beads are separated by three granulated gold ring beads between each garnet bead. The largest amethyst beads are 6 mm in length and 8 mm in width. The diameter of the drill holes is 2 mm. The smallest is 3.8 mm in length and 4 mm in width. The largest garnet bead is 3.8 mm in length and 4 mm in width. The diameter of the drill holes is 1 mm. The smallest garnet bead is 2.5 mm in length and 2.8 mm in width. The amethyst scarab is 1.8 cm in height, 1.2 cm in width and 8 mm in thickness. The scarab (which is not drilled) is set in a gold bezel with a round collared bead attached for suspension. The attachment is also decorated with a ring of tiny grains. There are twenty-eight round gold beads and fifty-four gold granulated ring beads. The beading tips are designed to match the attachment to the gold mount for the scarab. The hook and eye clasp are made with twisted wire. All of the gold beads, clasp and beading tips are 20k gold. The ancient Egyptians liked strands of small round beads of hard stone that graduated in size. The design of this necklace utilizes the graduating sizes of the beads to visually unite two different colors. The alternation of the stone beads with gold also serves to visually join the two materials into one necklace. Even though the gold beads are of two different designs, the round beads spacing the amethyst beads and the granulated ring beads spacing the garnets, the distances between the stone beads are consistently maintained as is the graduation in size. Even when there is a garnet bead in the amethyst portion of the necklace (four beads away from the change from amethyst to garnet), it does not appear to be jarringly out of place because of the precise graduation in size and the unvarying alteration of the stone beads with gold. In addition, the garnet portion of the necklace is the part that goes around behind the neck and the amethyst portion is the part that faces forward while laying against the body which also overcomes what could otherwise look like a very arbitrary color change in the beads. It is difficult to obtain full strands of ancient Egyptian beads. Two short strands were successfully married together in this design to create one necklace.