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Ancient Agate Bead with Three Strand Necklace of Carnelians and Gold




Agate, Carnelian, 20k gold


The necklace is 20 inches (52 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 54 gm.







A multi-strand necklace of one hundred carnelian beads and ninety 20k gold tube beads and a trapezoidal flat agate bead with brown, dark brown, and white banding. At the top of the bead is an area that on first glace appears to be a chip. This is actually an area of tightly bundled quartz crystals that have worn away at the edge. The outer layers of these bundles have become detached and fallen away. The bead is 3.5 cm in length, 2.2 cm in width and 8mm in thickness. The width at the ends is 8mm and the diameter of the drill hole is 3.5 mm. The carnelian beads graduate slightly in size from the front to the back of the necklace. The largest are 8 mm in length, 6.5 mm in width, and with drill holes of 1.6 mm in diameter. The smallest are 5.2 mm in length, 4.5 mm in width, and drill hole diameters of 1.6 mm. The 20k gold tubes are 5.5 mm in length and 2.4 mm in width. There are twelve small carnelian disc beads that are used to feed the three strands into a small (4mm) gold bead on either side of the trapezoidal agate bead and also at the back of the necklace where the three strands feed into the 20k gold beading tips. These small disc beads are 2mm in length and 3 mm in width. The agate bead, although not perfect, has great presence and character. The shape and the color of the banding is excellent. The indentation at the top is not the result of damage but is part of the structure of the agate as is reflected in the pattern of the banding. The small chip at the drill hole has been remedied. A gold tube that has been been inserted into the drilled end that has a small chip along one side of the perforation insuring that the bead will always hang on the cord correctly. The clasp and beading tips are 20k gold.