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Ancient Carnelian Cylinder Beads with Turquoise and Gold




Carnelian, Turquoise, 20k gold


The necklace is 18 5/8 inches (47.3 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 47.5 gm.







A necklace of twenty-eight cylindrical carnelian beads alternating with twenty-seven turquoise beads, each faced with two granulated gold ring beads. The center turquoise bead is elliptical or oval shaped; the remaining turquoise beads are small discs. A set of gold beading tips and a hook and eye clasp completes the necklace. The gold is 20k. The center bead is 1.65 cm in length, 8.8 mm wide at the center , 4 mm wide at the ends and 3.4 mm in thickness. The hole diameter is 2 mm. Gold tubes have been inserted into the holes to correct for some slight chipping at the drill hole, a not uncommon fate for many ancient beads. The turquoise discs are 1.5 mm in length and 3.4 mm in diameter. The hole diameters are 1.5 mm. The carnelian beads are 10 mm 6.5 mm in length, 4mm -3mm in diameter, with drill hole diameters of 1.5 mm. All the beads are ancient, probably from about two thousand years ago. The beads have been selected for their deep rich colors.