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Ancient Small Black Agate Beads with Center Bow Bead and Gold




Agate, 20k gold


The necklace is 25 inches (65.5 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 30.5 gm.







A necklace of small agate beads alternating with gold spacer beads with a black agate bow bead at the center. There are thirty-six round beads and thirty six barrels. Each round bead is faced with gold beads that alternate between short cylinder beads and pairs of six granule ring beads. There are two ring beads of twisted wire on either side of the bow bead. The bow bead is 1.4 cm in length and 9.5 mm from top to bottom. It has a thickness of 5.3mm and the drill hole diameter is 2mm. There are thin white bands that go across the face of the bead. The round beads range from 7.8 mm to 4 mm in diameter. The diameter of the drill holes is 2mm. The agate barrel beads range in size from 1 cm in length, 6.5mm wide and a drill hole diameter of 3mm to the smallest, 6mm in length, 3.75 mm wide, with a drill hole 1.5mm in diameter. Most of the barrels are 7.5 mm in length and 6mm at the center and 3.5 mm wide at the ends. Two of the barrels are cornerless cube faceted beads. There are two short cylinder agate beads 4mm in length and 4 mm wide. All the agates have banding that goes around the circumference of the beads. Except for the largest barrel with the 3mm drill hole, all the other beads appear to be from 2,000 years ago during the Kushan period in what is now India and most of Pakistan. There are seventy-eight gold ring beads made of six granules each that graduate in size from the center to the back of the necklace. There are thirty-six gold cylinder or tube beads that graduate in size: 3.5 cm to 2mm in length and width. The beading tips are cylinders to which are attached stirrups of flattened wire that are soldered to the sides. These form loops to which are attached a hook and eye clasp. The gold has been patinated to a reddish hue.