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Ancient Agate Barrel Beads with Small Banded Agate Round Beads and Gold Spacers




Agate, 20k gold


The necklace is 23 1/8 inches (58.7 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 23.5gm.







A necklace of fifty-one agate beads alternating with pairs of 20k gold granulated ring spacer beads. Twenty-five of the agate beads are long tapered barrel-shaped beads and twenty-six are small spherical, slightly oblate black beads with a white band. The barrel-shaped and round beads alternate in the necklace and graduate in size towards the back as do the gold spacers. The round agate beads are 3mm in length and 4mm in width at the front of the necklace and 2.7mm in length and 3mm in width at the very back. The agates in this necklace are small in scale and the barrel-shaped ones are long and thin which gives a delicate and elegant effect. Agate is a hard stone that can be given a beautiful high polish and seems to have been prized for the use that could be made of its lovely natural patterns. These beads are no exception; each has been selected for its beauty and color. The combination of gold, carnelian and agate was particularly popular in ancient Mesopotamia.