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Ancient Round Banded Agate Beads with Vermeil Spacers and Center Bow Bead




Agate, Gold plated silver


The necklace is 18 1/4 inches (46.4 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 27 gm.







A necklace of sixty-six round agate beads with a bow shaped center agate bead. There are sixty-six vermeil beads, each is a ring of five grains fused together to form a circle, alternating with the agate beads. The clasp and beading tips are also hand made from fine silver and gold plated. The center agate bead is 2.09 cm in length, 1 cm in width at the widest point in the center and 5 mm in width at the ends. The bead is 7.8 mm in thickness. The drill hole diameter is 2 mm. The round agate beads graduate in size from the front to the back of the necklace: the largest is 6 mm in length, 8 mm in width and has a drill hole diameter of 1.5 mm. The smallest is 2.9 mm in length and 4.5 mm in width. The agate is primarily black with white layers. There are translucent white and clear quartz layers as well brown in some of the beads. All of them have been drilled so that the layers are at a right angle to the drill hole. The bow bead has a pattern of concentric white lines that make up two “eyes,” which were believed to have an magical power to protect the wearer from “the evil eye.” The use of beads with concentric circles that form an eye pattern as amulets has continued from ancient times up to the present. The beads are are probably around two thousand years old.