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Ancient Agate and Gold Necklace and Center Bow Bead with Agate Drop Pendant




Agate, 20k gold


The necklace is 18 3/8 inches (46.6 cm) in length. The necklace weighs 23.7 gm.







A necklace of thirty-two small agate barrel beads, four larger flattened tapered agate beads and an agate “bow” bead. The bow bead has been drilled through at the bottom and a tear drop shaped agate drop has been suspended from a decorated double loop of gold wire. The small agate barrel beads are alternating with flared gold tubes. The larger flat agate beads are faced with double layer six granule ring beads. The gold loop is decorated with a three layer granulated bead. Gold beading tips provide the attachment points for a double hook clasp. The clasp is decorated with a slightly domed roundel with a border of grains around the circumference. The small agate barrel beads are 6mm to 6.9 mm in length. They are 4 mm in diameter. The drill hole diameters are 1.7mm. At the back of the necklace are fourteen very small tapered agate tube beads of delicate proportion: they are 5mm to 6mm in length, 2.5mm to 3mm width at the center and tapering to 1.8mm to 2mm at the ends. The drill hole diameters are 1mm. The dimensions of the five flat agate beads (starting top right and going clockwise) are: (1.) Length 1.40 cm, width at center 6.5 cm, width at ends 6.3 mm, hole diameter 3.2 mm. (2.) Length 1.48 cm, width at center 1.1 mm, width at ends 6.9 mm, diameter of drill hole 3mm. (3.) Bow bead length 3 cm, height 1.8 cm, height of center section 1.42 cm, width at ends 5.5 mm, thickness 6mm, drill hole diameter1.9 mm. (4.) Length 1.45 cm, width at center 9 mm, width at ends 6.4 mm, thickness 5mm, hole diameter2.5mm. (5.) Length 1.4 cm, width at center 9.3 mm, width at ends 5.5mm, thickness 5.5 mm, hole diameter 3 mm. (6.) drop pendant height 1.61 mm, width 1.13 mm, thickness 5.5mm.hole diameter 1.6 mm. The unusual feature of this necklace is the drop pendant hanging from the bow bead. Bow beads are not usually drilled in this way and this hole was probably added sometime after the bead was made. The diameter of this additional hole is 2mm, slightly larger than the holes drilled for suspending the bead. The drop pendant has a definite front and back. The front side is rounded and the back is flat. The bow bead and the drop pendant as well as the small barrel beads are all probably around two thousand years old. The four flat beads to the sides are from an earlier period – about four thousand years old.