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Ancient Agate Barrel Beads Alternating with Lapis Lazuli




Agate, Lapis Lazuli


The necklace is 22 (57.1 cm) inches in length with a braided cord with which it can be tied behind the neck. The necklace weighs 96.5 gm.







A necklace of seventeen ancient agate barrel and tube beads with eighteen lapis lazuli beads alternating. The agate beads are from the middle period (two thousand years old), to the early period (four thousand years old) in age and are from what is now present day Afghanistan. The lapis beads are probably from the middle period or later. They are rectangular solids, cornerless cubes, cylindrical tubes and spheres. The larger lapis beads all have drill holes of 2.8mm. The cornerless cube to the left of the center bead is 1.5 cm in length, 1.18 cm in width and 1.05 cm in thickness. The large spherical beads are 1.25- 1.30 cm in diameter. The longer cylindrical bead is 2.24 cm in length and 9 mm in diameter. The other has the pale gray white mottling and the angled ends that is characteristic of lapis that comes from Indo-Tibetan sources: Length 1.85 cm, diameter 9mm, hole diameter 3mm. A second set of cornerless cubes (sixth set of lapis beads from the back of the necklace) have the following dimensions: Length 1.28 cm, width 1.2 cm, thickness 8.8 mm. Length 1.13 cm, width 1.05 cm, thickness 1 cm. (fifth set from the back) Length 1 cm, width 1 cm, thickness 7.9 mm. A rectangular solid shape- Length 1.15 cm, 1.02 cm, thickness 6.4 mm. This has the deep blue color of the best lapis lazuli as do the fourth and third sets from the back. Length 8mm, width 8mm, thickness 5.2 mm, hole diameter 1.8 mm. The last beads at the back do not have this deep blue color, 7mm diameter, hole diameter 2mm.