What We Believe
We design jewelry utilizing beads that were made in the distant past. Some people collect ancient beads as objects to be treaured and admired; we collect ancient beads to fulfill their ancient purpose which is to adorn the human body. Wearing one of our necklaces connects one physically to the ancient past. The time and care that was exercised by our forebearers in the manufacture of their beads have left us with a legacy that can find expression as contemporary jewelry. We feel that beads that were so carefully made from such a permanent material as stone deserve to be reincarnated and given a new life in the present. We design gold and silver beads and make them using techniques first developed in the early Bronze Age. In this way, we respect and honor the contributions made by ancient craftsmen in the design of beaded jewelry.



A Message From David
I love collecting and wearing ancient beads. One of the oldest art forms, wearing beads is one of the characteristics of being human. While we love the sculptural forms of the ancient stone beads and admire their longevity, surviving over thousands of years, let us not forget that they were literally made to be worn. Their rightful context is on the human body, and the sense of connectedness with both the earth and past human cultures can only be experienced by wearing the beads. They are a pleasure to behold on another person and convey something about that person to us, but it is when you wear them yourself that you have a deeper understanding of this most ancient art form. With this in mind, I have turned all my skills as an artist to making collections of beads that return them to their rightful contexts and ennoble and recreate the splendor and magic of the past. For me, designing necklaces is a collaboration with those ancient artists that created such magnificent beads and a message sent into the future.